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Pretty amazing animal installation art


ART: A Herd of 99 Lifelike Animals Drink From a Pool at QAGOMA

Inspired by a trip to Stradbroke Island in Australia back in 2011, artist Cai Guo-Qiang began work on his newest large-scale installation, Heritage, a flock of 99 life-size replicas of wild animals including giraffes, pandas, lions, tigers, and kangaroos drinking from a pool of blue water.

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My current animal guide - The Fox by Jen Mann


Jen Mann

The Lion, The Wolf, The Bear and The Deer by Amy Hamilton - LOVE her stuff!


Amy Hamilton

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Today, I am feeling the call of the Spirit Animal. They are always changing throughout our lives, but I keep each one close to me. What’s your Spirit Animal?

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The Heart by Bartek Elsner, artist from Berlin 

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"Prominence VII" by Thomas Hooper 

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A little Brooklyn visual history for your Sunday Funday!


Decades before Brooklyn became synonymous with hipsters, hip-hop and locavores, photographer Ed Clark caught the spirit of the place.

(Photo: Ed Clark—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)


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I am in LOVE with this - the colors, the fashion, everything.

See more work by/Follow Jeff Moore here: mistermoore:

Bee Queen. mixed media on paper. (paper has been burned at the bottom to create the rough edge) - sold - 

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This is like modern Art Nouveau. I love it!


ConcedeKelly McKernan

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I’ve always been in awe of this piece by Dewey Saunders - an amazing collage artist - it evokes so many feelings. I think about the ephemeral spirituality of America’s native people, how their land was stolen from them by greedy, ignorant folks who came from afar on gigantic boats bearing guns and dishonesty - who ultimately ravished the landscape and scarred our earth. I think of a people who have a solid connection with their ultimate being and an understanding of the earth that most of us cannot fathom. Most of all I look at her face and wonder all the things she has seen - love, family, birth and death, the suffering and the beauty.


Aggie Owl | “Indian Summer” | http://www.deweysaunders.com

I’m always a sucker for double exposure. these are pretty :)


"The Inner Light" by Francisco Provedo